Episode 8

Episode 8 Spiritual Intelligence + Increasing our SQ with Annie Ridout

Published on: 28th September, 2023

In this episode, I talk to Annie Ridout an author, journalist, poet and coach.

We talk about spiritual intelligence, what it means and how we can increase our SQ for increased success. We reflect on how it is easy to be 'spiritual' on retreat or in situations designed for calm and contemplation, but how about when we are triggered or life is chaotic and real?

Listen now to hear:

  • How spiritual tools can lead to more happiness
  • How you can become more spiritually intelligent
  • The powerful ways that you can connect to your body and access its incredible intelligence
  • The positive effects of knowing and sharing your own truth
  • The ROI of doing the 'internal work' in the external world

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About Annie:

Annie Ridout is an author, journalist, poet and coach.

She shares personal essays, short stories and self-development tools for people who’d like to think more creatively about feminist issues, happiness, motherhood, work, wellbeing, tech weekly via her Substack. Which you can find here. https://annieridout.substack.com

She regularly writes for national newspapers and women's magazines (the Guardian, the Observer, Forbes, Grazia, Red Magazine, Stylist, Metro, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Evening Standard, Refinery29, You Magazine, Women's Health, iNews and more)

Her latest book - Raise Your SQ: Transform your life with Spiritual Intelligence (Radar, 2023) - is full of tips, rituals, spiritual practices and coaching exercises that will help you to improve your life. She shares her own spiritual journey, and interviews leading figures to ask about theirs.

She identifies as a Londoner, which is where she grew up, but now lives in Somerset with her husband and three children; running through fields and meadows each morning, breathing in the fresh air, and lighting fires in the garden.

Find her on Instagram: @annieridout / @annieridoutpoetry and Twitter: @annieridout.


What part of being a grown ass adult are you in AWE of?

Believing I can do what I want.

What part of being an adult do you think we all suck at?

Actually doing it.

What do you see as the most important or valuable shift or change you've made for yourself in your adult life?

Sticking with writing, as a career.


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