Episode 5

ADHD: You mean it's not my fault with Anne Ferguson

Published on: 2nd March, 2023

In today's episode I am talking to Anne Ferguson who a brand communications strategist. She co-creates fresh, unique and memorable brand voices with founders and corporate clients. Anne is also a public speaker and advocate for neurodivergence awareness and education and this is where our conversation begins today. You can expect an honest discussion about what it is like to be diagnosed as an adult with neurodiversity and the perspective it gives across all areas of life both past and present.


We talk about:

  • neurodiversity and diagnosis as an adult
  • the difference between aspirational and operational living
  • boundaries and being able to ask for what we need safely
  • why it can be difficult to find others with neurodiversity
  • masking and camouflaging who we are
  • the language we are gifted with when have a diagnosis to express all that we are


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In this week's episode, Anne and I talk about what has changed in business and parenting since diagnosis.


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About Anne:

Anne (she/her) is a communications strategist, podcast host, entrepreneur, speaker and voice for ending the stigma around neurodivergence. Diagnosed with ADHD and chronic anxiety not long ago, Anne’s been reframing the story of her life and how she shows up as a business owner, parent and human.

Anne draws on her unique blend of word wizardry, intuition and industry experience to help entrepreneurs shape unique brand voices and messaging that draw their clients in like beacons in the night. She especially loves working with other neurodivergent business folk like her, because their spiky brains are an endless source of inspiration and delight. She’s been called “the best kind of parasite” by a client who marveled at how well she absorbed their brand into her brain. And she’s here for it!


Ebonie: "Anne, what is Sacrosanct to you?"

Anne: "Mindful, intentional and considerate communication in all aspects of life. Honesty and the courage to share honestly are core to my being and I’m not interested in the BS surface crap that panders to how things should be or what other people expect. Our earth is sacrosanct to me, and every day I get closer to the animals in my life and the piece of this planet I’m lucky to live on, and I feel so so lucky."


Ebonie: "What do you see as the most important or valuable shift or change you've made in your adult life?"

Anne: "Seeking out and getting a diagnosis of ADHD drastically changed the way I see myself and how I understand my past behaviours and decisions. It’s changed my understanding of myself and has generated a heap of kindness and compassion with myself. I’m working on it but it’s been massively helpful to me and to the relationship I have with my teens."


Find Anne here:

Website: https://www.annedferguson.com

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/annedferguson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamannedferguson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamannedferguson

Mail: anne@annedferguson.com


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