Episode 4

The one about being an Aspie Adult with Dan Morgan Jones

Published on: 8th February, 2024

In this week's episode, I speak to Dan Morgan Jones, award-winning video influencer and the international best-selling author of Autism For Adults. With 260k subscribers on his YouTube channel 'The Aspie World' we chat about being an aspie adult.

Listen on for:

  • Our experiences of the intersection of ADHD and Autism
  • The age that is the most difficult for Autistic people
  • An alternate way of viewing problems that will blow your mind!
  • The one thing that is absolutely required for intimate relationships to be successful
  • The missing part of your gratitude practice that will change the game completely!

Plus, in this week's behind-the-scenes 'The Patron Part with Aspie World's Dan Morgan Jones' we're talking Strip clubs, being Straight Edge, Dan's favourite dopamine seeking activity that begins with s and ends in x, and how different cultures relate to nakedness...

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Meet Dan Morgan Jones:

Daniel M. Jones (The Aspie World) is an international best selling author of Autism For Adults / video influencer with an award winning YouTube channel called The Aspie World.

The Aspie World is the biggest YouTube channel dedicated to autism from an autistic person in the world. The channel is dedicated to Autism awareness and understanding from an autistic person's point of view.

Creating engagement with real people to create real change in a positive and uplifting way. And also helps raise money for charities like The National Autistic Society.

Daniel Has a diagnosis of Autism, OCD, ADHD and Dyslexia and uses his influence to help educate people about Autism using his skills of video and social media influence.

Daniel has also created the first-ever neurodiverse panel talking about ADHD and Autism at VidCon US which is the largest video convention in the world.

You can find Dan here:

www.theaspieworld.com or @theaspieworld on all socials (no seriously all of them)

What's your favourite bit of being an adult?

to be my own boss and guardian

What do you do for FUN?

Skateboard, Surf, play D&D and learn stuff

What do you see as the most important or valuable shift or change you've made for yourself in your adult life?


Complete this sentence: "I am an adult but....."

I do miss someone making my food for me daily :(


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